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SeeNote puts a connected sticky note on your wall

While most companies are busy trying to figure out how to get additional devices into your home, there a wide variety of tried-and-true inventions like the infamous sticky note that do their jobs exceptionally well. The team behind the SeeNote took it as inspiration in developing its always-on, connected version of the veritable yellow legend.

The SeeNote is an attractively styled 4.2 inch square with a polycarbonate body and matte finish that can stick anywhere using an integrated 3M Command strip for easy and damage-free mounting. Its 300 dpi E-paper multi-touch display communicates important information like calendar appointments commute delays, previously set reminder, or even messages from family and friends through email or the SeeNote app.

It also offers users control over their connected home devices, made better through Wink and IFTTT integration for more granular setups. Its month-long battery makes it a device that isn’t necessary to charge all the time, perfect for its low-key design. $99 pre-orders the SeeNote to ship in Spring of 2017.

The SeeNote is a remarkably attractive take on an idea seen before in the DISPLIO and the Pixsso and parodied way back in 1993 by Saturday Night Live during the short heyday of the Apple Newton. The difference here is that while the latter only concerns themselves with notifications, SeeNote actually allows users to interact with notifications and even other smart connected devices, a huge step up for this category. An open API will ensure an evolving platform should it see wide adoption.

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