Imaging Video

SERVOSTAB keeps its motor running to smooth your video

The Premise. Home movies can be fun to make, but depending on the equipment used and skill of the videographer, they can be painful to watch. As digital cameras have helped us evolve into more sophisticated shooters, we have upgraded our requirements for decent video stabilization.

The Product. SERVOSTAB is a small motor intended to stabilize your DSLR or interchangeable lens camera to help you create more professional-looking videos. In full stabilization mode, your camera will remain stable on its axis, even if the camera mount is moving. Ideal if you commonly shoot video while walking or otherwise moving, this setting will reduce the amount of camera shake experienced. The second mode, called follow stabilization is interesting because the camera will follow your various movements, but will do so in a controlled and smooth manner. This is great for making smoother scene transitions and reducing the camera jerk which tends to nauseate viewers and happens when the videographer’s attention suddenly shifts.

The Pitch. Absolutely created for the techy, SERVOSTAB’s campaign video employs a computer-narrator who explains the different modes and advantages of SERVOSTAB’s motor compared with a typical servo motor. or simple weights that characterize most crowdfunded stablizers. She (it?) also narrates over someone plugging in SERVOSTAB to a computer to configure the product setting preferences from included software. The campaign page includes information about each piece of technology that goes into making SERVOSTAB in addition to other general campaign information.

The Perks. SERVOSTAB is estimated to be available in September-October in the $100-150 price range. If you choose to help support the project, you can obtain one of the first SERVOSTABs available in September with a donation of $179. Interestingly, there are three levels which net backer perks of a discount on the product once available. Assuming the project is funded, this could be a nice compromise for people who are on the fence. For $599 you can back the project and receive three SERVOSTABs engraved with your name, logo or a picture.

The Potential.  SERVOSTAB could be a great addition to the videographer’s toolbox. A much less compact, less affordable and overall less promising product with a similar concept is looking for funding on Kickstarter. If funded, SERVOSTAB could make a relatively inexpensive way to bump up video quality a few notches, without the need for you to shell out for a new cam. It’s unclear exactly which cameras the device is compatible with – the campaign references “most DSLRs” but features a Sony interchangeable lens camera. This will be important information that potential backers will want to know. The campaign goal is $25,000 in flexible funding so founders will receive all funds raised over the campaign’s 60 days, even if it does not make goal.