Shark Kage Ramp pickup truck owners get it done in their bed

The Premise. The pickup trick is one of the few products that’s as popular with consumers as it is with businesses. One of the reasons for its so popular is because it can accomplish so many tasks, even serve as a hot tub. But few accessories live up to its ability to accommodate so many scenarios.

The Product. Shark Kage Ramp is the Swiss Army knife of truck bed accessories. Not only does it serve as a motorcycle and ATV ramp, but it also functions as a truck bed extender, cargo cover, trailside worktable, and trackside or trailside sunshade. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum for durability, dependability, and perhaps most importantly, safety. It has a 1,500 lb. load capacity, but is also angled in such as way that it works for street bikes and Harleys. Another nice feature is that the bed extender is designed to cinch in against the rear tire of the truck and keep it from bouncing – so going off road just got simpler and quicker.

The Pitch. The video for the $42,000 campaign begins with a rather mellow choice of music, though it does change direction at about 40 seconds into the video to something that seems more anticipated. The detail for the product’s uses is nicely done along with some good camera angles that add interest. One might expect to see the guys at the end riding off into the sunset rather than walking given the many types of motor vehicles shown throughout the video, but this is certainly one of the more professional looking videos shot for a Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. There are seven tiers from which backers can choose for this big ticket item. For $399 a backer gets the 24” version of Shark Cage Ramp. Larger donations will get you a longer ramp. Expected delivery is May 2014.

The Potential. Shark Kage Ramp could really have an appeal to a broad range of people, from amateur to professional racers as well as self-employed repair and landscapers and rural emergency response teams. It could even appeal to outdoor enthusiasts who like to take their truck with them on extended hiking, camping, and cycling excursions.

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