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ShutIt makes your Android shut up when you need it to

ShutIT 20140207024507-3D_Model_1_copy[1]For those times when Android phones should be seen and not heard, ShutIt offers a practical solution to quieting all the bleeps and buzzes. The ShutIt provides a novel approach to adding quick access to device controls by plugging into your Android’s headphone jack. It works in conjunction with a specialized app, and saves you the hassle of rummaging through your screens to put your Android on silent mode. It also offers five additional settings of vibration, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto-Rotation, and Flashlight. The ShutIt plug comes in slate grey, capri blue, electric red, glacial white, stealth black and champagne. For at least $19, a backer gets one ShutIt plug in slate grey and full access to the app, which should ship to backers in May 2014.

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