SimpliFLY the hassle when you wanna be gone fishin’

SimpliFLY  679f9e814f2fab961029ab39ae01753b_large[1]Perhaps the hardest part of goin’ fishin’ is getting ready to go fishin.’ But at least you can get the drudgery out of the way in the beginning. SimpliFLY aims to make the hardest part less time consuming and put all the most important items right at your fingertips. The octagonal box comes with three zingers, so that when you get the big one you can quickly de-hook, nip, and straighten the line. There are also plenty of spots to organize and store other important items. Though SimpliFLY will retail for $70, a backer can get one for $38 through the early-bird special, which in this case may net a fish instead of a worm. Expected delivery is October 2014

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