SkreensTV offers pictures-in-picture, turns big TV into many little ones

There’s so much content in the world to consume, but no matter how much there is, there will always just be just one screen in front of us to do it on. Even the largest screens, those 60-inch flat-screen television present across the United States, are guilty of being able to only support one input. It may support it beautifully, but truth be told it’s a horrible waste of screen real estate.

Until SkreensTV came along, there wasn’t much that could be done besides a lousy picture-in-picture interface. What SkreensTV offers is the ability to connect up to five different sources of content, whether it be an cable box, a game console, or an Apple TV, and have them all displayed simultaneously without any degradation in picture or sound. Although there will be one primary audio stream┬árepresented, other audio sources can be streamed through Wi-Fi, into smartphones and tablets, and out through headphones.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to content and would use all that space differently. Customizable layouts can be created with the use of the SkreensTV iOS/Android companion app based on user preference, easily confugurable whenever needed. So sports fans can load up three games, their fantasy football website, and ESPN all on one screen, or a games enthusiast can play a game while having tips displayed alongside a Skype call and a Twitch stream, all at 1080P. The 4GB version of SkreensTV can be had for $399 and, provided the campaign reaches its $200,000 goal, will ship the product out by December 2015.

The SkreensTV idea is outstanding, but in practice will probably not see as much use as it claims unless a family is that heavily connected and already have a ridiculously large TV to trult take advantage of it. The sports and gaming market are definite buys, but only if their marketing works out for them. Although sports fans are more mainstream and can be catered to, gamers are usually more tech-savvy and can achieve this same effect at probably a fraction of the cost. In any case, the platform will have an app store with an SDK which will no doubt evolve it in interesting ways.

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