Cell Phone Accessories

SlimJig is a two-piece phone stand that slips into your wallet

Handheld devices have become so numerous in our lives that it’s hard to hold them in our hands anymore. Tablets and smartphones help us work and communicate with our friends, but can clutter our desks, making it hard to work with them. SlimJig is a versatile stand that holds up your devices. It folds and unfolds, using simple design for maximum utility. Able to hold up different kinds of smartphones and tablets, SlimJig can be used anywhere easily. Made out of light aluminum, this stand comes in many different colors and is the exact same size as a credit card, so it fits in your wallet easily, an added bonus.

While there are many different kinds of stands out there, SlimJig seems to be a sturdier version of typical stands. One will cost backers $15 or $10 for early birds for expected delivery in December 2014. SlimJig hopes to raise $1,500 on Kickstarter.