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SmartCardio keeps you a heartbeat away from your loved ones

A growing number of health monitoring devices that send information to mobile devices are being introduced on crowdfunding sites.

SmartCardio features a wide range of bells and whistles, and follows similar devices that include MOCAheart. SmartCardio lets users monitor their cardiovascular systems, as well as those of their loved ones. It also allows users to view electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis in real time and enables around-the-clock surveillance by cardiologists. One battery charge is sufficient to operate the device for up to seven days, its maker says. An accompanying app will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

A SmartCardio Basic package including the small silver device and six wireless electrodes to capture a full ECG will ship in January and is being offered through Kickstarter at $329, although early birds can save $40. The retail price will be $399. The accompanying network service will cost about $99 a month, but consumers will be able to save money by paying for multiple months at once, said SmartCardio’s project manager. Its makers are hoping to raise $60,000 by Aug. 23.

SmartCardio will likely appeal to many consumers, especially those with heart conditions and young adults with elderly parents who don’t live with them. For it to function as well as planned, however, the data it gathers would have to be supervised by a cardiologist, and it remains to be seen if all cardiologists will approve of it. As of now, the device isn’t 100 percent accurate: The accuracy of its forecasting is now at more than 80 percent, its maker says.


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