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SmartPedal adds smartphone-controlled turn signals, GPS tracking to your bike

One of the most hazardous parts of riding a bicycle on the same roads as car traffic is that vehicles can’t usually tell when the cyclist is planning to make a turn.

SmartPedal is a pedal featuring smartphone-controlled turn signaling that can be added to most bicycles. The pedals are connected to Android and iOS phones via Bluetooth. Once installed, users can inform surrounding traffic of their intent to make a turn via voice command or touch gesture that activates a blinking light sequence. A pair of SmartPedals cost 178 euros (~$200) and will ship in March-June 2016, with retail distribution expected to follow in July. Its maker is hoping to raise 260,000 euros (~$291,800) by July 4.

There are other smart pedals for bikes, including Connected Cycle Pedals. But SmartPedals’ safety focus sets it apart. Despite the focus on safety while riding in urban traffic, it has GPS tracking inside the application, which will allow users to track their positions/routes via smartphones. Its maker is also expecting to add a GPS sensor inside the SmartPedal itself to allow the user to track the position of the bike while the SmartPedals are on it, which would enable it to also function as an anti-theft device.


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