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Smartphone Projector Case lets older iPhones show off their new image

Those old iPhones still need some love too, you know. It can’t be right to throw them off to the side after they’ve faithfully served us for so long, can it? Instead of chucking it to the side, reconsider its value while attached to the Iron Man of phone cases: the Smartphone Case Projector.

Although the product might be a little too simplistically titled, it gets a little tricky depending on which iPhone model you have. The iPhone 4/4S version of the case comes equipped with a built-in .5W speaker, a modest 15 lumen lamp, and projects images or video on up to 50″ surface. The iPhone 5/5S version of the case is a lot more versatile, equipped with a brighter 50 lumen lamp that can wirelessly project images, videos, and even Internet pages for up to two hours while simultaneously being able to dock and charge it. The case is in good company as many other products are exploring the hybrid projector model, like the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.

Unfortunately, the creator didn’t have Tony Stark’s sense of design and, as a result, the Smartphone Projector Case is a behemoth that wouldn’t realistically pass most people’s limits of bulk, especially for just a single feature like projection. If the case still intrigues, the iPhone 4/4S version goes for $200, while the iPhone 5/5S version goes for $300. The campaign is seeking $100,000 to make this longshot a reality.