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Snap 6 lets you activate the new iPhone’s camera remotely

Even though the age of the selfie has progressed to the word finding a home in the Oxford Dictionary, the process isn’t perfect. From dropped phones to fingers accidentally blocking the lens, a lot can go wrong with a simple selfie.

SNAP! 6 wants to fix the issues that come up when trying to capture that perfect self-shot. Aside from being a functional iPhone 6 case with a widened base grip to make the phone easier to hold with one hand away from the camera, SNAP! 6 includes an actual shutter button to make the process more intuitive and allows for interchangeable lenses to fit the situation. Taiwanese developers bitplay Inc. need $20,000 to manufacture the SNAP! 6. Selfie takers can pledge $35 to get one of these cases by December in a variety of four colors.

There are plenty of cases dedicated to making the photographic side of phones a more intuitive experience, and this seems to be one of the best at more closely emulating the traditional camera. iPhone users will be able to flaunt this one above their Android-loving friends with plenty of high-quality, braggadocious selfies.