Snoppa M1 makes it easier to shoot video on smartphones

Gimbal stabilizers are among the most useful smartphone accessories for shooting video. After all, who wants to watch a video where the camera is shaking so much that it’s impossible to see what is happening?

Snoppa M1 is a connected three-axis gimbal for smartphones that eliminates camera shake with a vibration-free stabilizer system. It was created to allow any smartphone user to become a videographer without the need for luxury or professional camera equipment. Snoppa M1 features Bluetooth Low Energy and is controlled by the user’s smartphone.

Multiple modes include Pan Track Mode that follows users horizontally while shooting, Lock Mode that shoots in all directions with the phone in a fixed position, and Omni Track Mode that allows users to shoot in all directions with the phone following their movements. Snoppa M1 can also shoot high-resolution, 360-degree landscape photos.

It ships in December. Future pricing isn’t given. But Indiegogo backers have been able to reserve one by making a pledge starting at $59 for early birds. Its makers are out to raise $10,000 by Nov. 9.

There are many similar products, including Elephant Steady. But not all rival products claim to be compatible with all smartphones (at least all Android and iOS models) or feature a three-axis system like Snoppa M1. It can also be easily folded up and packed away, unlike many similar products.

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