Soap Saver Jar uses soap slivers to make a new bar

When a bar of soap gets down to one of those little slivers, it can seem like money is being thrown in the trash when it gets pitched.

In an effort to save the environment and even throw in extra motivation by offering the opportunity to save a bit of cash, the Soap Saver Jar was invented. Nothing complicated here in that the user just continues to put soap slivers in the jar and the compression from the screw-on top makes them all into a brand new bar. No electricity or special tools needed, just a desire to pinch those pennies until they scream and a distain for landfills.

It’s not clear how many slivers are actually required to make a new bar. Backers wondering how they can slow down the melting of their newly compounded soap slivers might want to check out the Soapseat campaign. This campaign seeks to raise $13,800 by mid January. For $7, backers get one Soap Saver Jar with an expected delivery of April 2015.

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