Sonim XP7 Android smartphone takes punishment in stride

The newest smartphones are absolutely gorgeous, but unashamedly weak. No matter what kind of materials smartphone makers claim will last, cracked screens continue being prevalent and yet conveniently ignored by flimsy warranties. After plunking down so much money on one of these beauties, isn’t it only right it outlasts a New Year’s resolution?

There’s a segment of the population that needs a phone stronger than a bad nail job. The Sonim XP7 LTE Android smartphone boasts an Otter Box-like appearance with an anti-glare screen, a 103dB loudspeaker, and drop/impact resistance to up to six feet. Its three year warranty protects against accidental damage, a difficult thing to imagine given it is 100% waterproof and able to withstand one ton of pressure. The Sonim XP7 does all of this while still being a fully unlocked world phone offering 40 hours of talk time or 1,000 hours of standby. The device is currently $579 and expected in March 2015 with a campaign goal of $150,000.

The Sonim XP7 is in good company with the Kyocera Bridgadier, but the latter’s build quality seems to falter compared to the former’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures and even oils and chemicals. Despite its cost, the Sonim XP7 is a solid choice for more intrepid users, especially considering the support and benefits of not being tied to a single carrier.

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