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Spaco compact speakers save space and work via voice control

One problem with small wireless speakers is the quality of their sound. In other words, let’s face it: They tend to not even be all that great at the main function they were designed for.

patent-claimedSpaco is a line of 720-degree, voice-controlled speakers with adjustable lighting that also tout high-end audio performance. The speakers can be controlled by voice even in noisy situations and also offer a special levitation feature providing what its makers call uninterrupted surround sound. A 720-degree acoustics field is created by the combination of 28 dynamic and electrostatic diaphragm drivers that provide what they say is multidimensional, movie-theater grade audio. Music can be streamed from any device that has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and Spaco supports  Wi-Fi networks with any 802.11b/g, 2.4GHz broadcast-capable router. Set-up is done via an Android and iOS app.

Spaco ships in October in several configurations. There’s a Mini version at future pricing of $299, Spaco Mate including two Minis at $589, Spaco 2.1 including two satellite speakers and a center-channel speaker at $1,699, a Spaco 5.1 home theater system at $2,499, and a Family Pack including Spaco 5.1 and four extra Minis at $3,649. But Indiegogo backers can order them with early-bird pledges of $199, $359, $999, $1,499 and $2,199, respectively. Spaco’s makers are out to raise $55,000 by Dec. 10.

There are obviously many wireless, compact speakers on the market. But they rarely use electrostatic drivers and at least some of them use less than half the number of drivers as Spaco, its makers say. As an added bonus, each Spaco speaker acts as a Wi-Fi extender that can help eliminate dead spots in the home.

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