Spider tries to bite rivals with smart antenna beamforming technology

Many Wi-Fi routers can only support a very limited number of devices. But the Spider Wi-Fi router can connect more than 100 devices by using smart antenna beamforming technology. As its name implies, the device also has eight antennas, along with eight RF receivers and transmitters.

Most Wi-Fi devices still operate at 2.4 GHz, despite the limited bandwidth it provides. Trying to run more than one 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network to overcome that issue often results in interference between the networks. Spider, however, features two onboard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi cards. The eight antennas and RF receivers/transmitters enable the device to run powerful adjacent channel and co-channel interference cancellation algorithms to completely eliminate the interference between the two 2.4GHz frequencies.

Backers who pledge $125 under Deyond’s current early bird campaign offer will get one ivory white Spider when it ships in August.  Spider is looking to raise $90,000 in funding.

The device has real promise if it works as well as its maker claims. However, the product faces potentially stiff competition from the six- and eight-antenna routers that D-Link bowed at CES. It’s usually rough for a relative newcomer like Deyond to face a major brand name like D-Link, which has established, wide distribution in its favor.

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