Cell Phone Accessories

Squido weds vents and a suction cup for a clean phone mount

Trying to figure out where to put one’s mobile phone while driving and using the GPS app might be one of the more looming questions of the 21st century. Squido is a unique Swedish gadget that has a suction cup on one side and a set of four thin prongs on the other. Drivers can then stick the suction cup on the back of the phone and hook the prongs on the other side into their vehicle’s vents. The nice thing about this is that a person’s view is not obstructed as with other car phone holders that have a suction cup that sticks to the windshield. While a small portion of heat or air conditioning may be blocked when Squido is being used, it does seem that it would be fairly universal with most iPhones and car vents. Other options for backers seeking a mobile phone mount include Ultima S, EverDock Go, and Neutron S. This campaign seeks to raise kr60,000 SEK ($8130.08 USD) by November 20, 2014. For kr89 SEK ($12.04 USD) backers get one with an expected delivery of December 2014.