ST Impact Ball checks playing surfaces for head injury potential

Risk of injury from sports or play is a part of being a child. That’s way protective gear is required for many popular sports. But what if there were a way for the owners of sports facilities and playgrounds and even parents to measure the risk of head injury in the event of a fall? ST Impact Ball is a unique gadget that measures a combination of factors, including location, surface type, surface depth, fall height, drop angle, and maximum g-forces at impact. This allows facility owners to make certain that they are offering a safe environment and can give parents peace of mind. ST Impact Ball is much like the Jolt Sensor we’ve recently seen on Backerjack. Jolt Sensor sits on a players head and measure impact as it comes, unlike ST which measures possible impact dangers. Presently, it appears that the lower levels of this campaign provide a product that only works for a limited time (1-3 weeks, depending on selected level). Lifetime updates and software are apparently their own separate level. This campaign seeks to raise $45,000 by November 20, 2014.  For $200, backers get access to the ball for a week. Expected delivery is February 2015.