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Stand-Pod slips a phone stand and mini-tripod into your wallet

For those times when a person wants to use their iPhone for a selfie or be in the photo or video they are making with friends, the only way to do that is to have a stranger hit the button for you. That’s why Stand-Pod was created. The small phone mount allows the user to position their phone, set it up in an ideal location and use their delay to create those photo or video memories. Stand-Pod is compatible with a wide range of phones. It appears to fold flat when not in use and is made of high resistant polypropylene plastic, so it should be pretty easy to tote around. Stand-Pod should provide some hardy competition for ClearShot, which is now on the market. This campaign seeks to raise $45,000 CAD (~$39,900 USD) by December 12, 2014. For $16 CAD (~$14 USD), backers get the single pack Stand-Pod with an expected delivery of March 2015.