SteadyRack bike rack keeps bikes orderly, powered

Bike racks can make or break the space their in depending on how exactly they tackle the challenge of storing the two-wheeled transport. Some can be cumbersome, and some can be almost too minimal as to threaten damage to the bike or the space around it. In addition, bikes are near and dear for most, so their storage is incredibly important.

The SteadyRack is a versatile solution that offers users lots of options. The product attaches to a wall and steel arms hold your bike up at a right angle, offering users the option to swivel the bike to the left or the right to save space. The sleek rack also sports three USB ports to charge biking equipment or even smartphones, recognizing that enthusiasts need that functionality to keep their gadgets topped up. A SteadyRack goes for $60 AUD (~$49) and is expected to ship in April 2015. The campaign is looking for $35,000 AUD (~$28,800).

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