Suit up before you ride with the wearable Mighty Click bike lock

Securing a bike is a necessary evil, lest it is left prey to unscrupulous types who can and most likely will take it. Unfortunately, most common locking mechanisms, like U-locks, cable locks, or chains, can be heavy and as a result extremely unwieldy and impractical.

The Mighty Click combines the positive aspects of these common locks into a wearable construction that sits comfortably on a rider’s waist. A thick, metal chain is sheathed by a reflector-laden cover to protect your bike from scuffs while it is locked, and can be adjusted with a adjustable belt and clip while worn. In addition, a small zippered pouch can tuck away a few dollars, a set of keys, or whatever else a rider may need for the trip.

Other attempts at bike lock convenience have focused on other parts of the bike for security, but wearing around the waist echoes what riders basically already do which lowers the the bar for comfort. The two versions, with or without a padlock, weigh in at 3.25 pounds, and go for $29 and $25, respectively. The $1,200 campaign is looking to ship the product by February 2015.

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