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Switch Bot pushes all the right buttons to control your switches

While running around from place to place each day, it’s common to forget to shut the lights or other electronic devices off at home. It would also be nice to shut those same devices off while one is just too tired to get out of bed.

Switch Bot is a small robotic device that attaches to other devices throughout the home or office and can wirelessly control all their switches and buttons. Control can be done while at the location or remotely using a smartphone or smartwatch.


The patent-pending Switch Bot can be quickly mounted to any switch to turn it on or off using a Bluetooth Mesh Network or Wi-Fi via Switch Link. It works in conjunction with an app for Android and iOS devices.

Switch Bot starts shipping in January at future pricing of $30 for one Switch Bot, $60 for two Switch Bots in a choice of three colors (green, pink and white), $110 for two Switch Bots and a Switch Link accessory, $170 for a starter kit including four Switch Bots and Switch Link, $290 for a starter kit including eight Switch Bots and Switch Link, and $580 for a bonus pack including 16 Switch Bots and two Switch Links. Its makers are out to raise $3,000 by Dec. 19.

Switch Bot faces a huge field of competing smart home control systems, including RoomBox and name-brand devices like the Samsung SmartThings Hub. Some consumers may not be overly thrilled about taping Switch Bot to their light switches and other devices. Its success may come down to how many consumers are willing to give it a shot over more recognizable brand names and whether it is truly as compatible with a wide range of devices as its makers claim. But it’s also compatible with SmartThings and Amazon Echo via Switch Link, so users can enjoy the best features across all the smart devices.


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