TableSnugg keeps tablecloths hanging on by a drawstring

Picnics can be a great deal of fun until it comes time to figure out how to put great food out on a table that isn’t so clean. While many people will choose to use a tablecloth, there are times when keeping it from blowing off the table and into the wind can be a pretty major challenge. TableSnugg is a tablecloth with a builtin drawstring that allows the user to tighten the table cloth around the edges of the table. There’s not a great deal of detail on what this product is made of, but it is washable and recyclable.

While this product is certainly convenient in some ways, in others it doesn’t make sense. Usually the tablecloth is held down by the food that it holds, isn’t it? For $375, backers get a picnic basket that includes one TableSnugg and assorted other items, provided the campaign can reach its $30,000 goal.

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