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TableTalk lets you hear others talking no matter the noise level

It’s often annoying when the noise is so loud in a restaurant or other public gathering spot that it’s hard to hear what companions are saying.

patent-claimedTableTalk is a patented assisted listening system made up of a base station and headsets. The digital signal processor (DSP)-equipped system uses Bluetooth and advanced noise cancellation technology to make conversations clearer regardless of how noisy it is, according to its Kickstarter campaign. TableTalk connects up to five people.

It ships in August at $450 for the base unit and $650 for the complete system including the base unit and headsets. But early bird backers can get a base unit at pricing that starts at $250, an accessory pack including five headsets and a carrying case at $150, and the full system including the base unit and headsets starting at $350. Its makers are trying to raise $150,000 by Dec. 24.

While TableTalk may come in handy in certain situations, especially inside one’s home during a party, the base unit seems a little too large to schlep to restaurants and other public places. While it’s also impossible to tell from the campaign video just how well the system works, it’s likely more effective than the Cone of Silence made famous in the classic TV comedy series Get Smart.


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