Personal Transportation

Streamline your daily schlep with Haul-a-Day lightweight cargo bike

Biking has experienced a renaissance over the last decade and really taken hold as the primary mode of transportation in cities across the United States. Unfortunately, the market has skewed towards performance bikes and cruisers that offer effective transportation but without the carrying capacity people would need to be able to use it exclusively. Cargo bikes are available for those who are looking for that utility, but they’re heavy and have strong riders in mind.

Bike Friday’s Haul-a-Day is a reimagined type of cargo bike, one that can carry anywhere from 200 to 300 pounds while still being adjustable to fit riders 4’6″ to 6’4″ tall. The bike weighs in at 32 pounds, a light weight that aids its agility and allows any type of rider to effectively carry around anything they’d need, including other family members! The team at Bike Friday wants to empower anybody to live a bike-focused lifestyle with a variety of attachments that can change its utility based on a user’s needs, and their $45,000 campaign is looking to add other rider-friendly capabilities like electric assist. The standard eight gear Haul-a-Day goes for $999 while the deluxe, 24 gear version goes for $1,699, both of which are expected to be delivered in July 2015.

The Haul-a-Day improves on competing cargo bikes by offering something much lighter and versatile. Its premium price is justified as it’s meant to be used as a daily vehicle, but one problem Bike Friday doesn’t address is inclement weather, one of the last big issues for those who want to do so. In any case, the team address lots of other, more pertinent problems so their Haul-a-Day warrants support.