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Affordable Storm roars onto the electric bike scene

Electric bikes come in many flavors, offering a wide variety of options for anyone looking to shorten their commute, save some energy, or simply enjoy the thrill. Unfortunately, their one commonality is their pumped up price, something no one can get excited about.

Touted as the world’s most affordable electric bicycle, the Storm E-Bike‘s $1,299 price point does undercut many similarly performing e-bikes, and does so while outperforming them, too. The Storm boasts a 350W geared drive motor capable of reaching a top speed of 20MPH, and a lithium-ion battery capable of being recharged in just 90 minutes and offering anywhere from 25-50 miles on a single charge. This combination is a powerful one, offering riders a zippy ride augmented with all-terrain tires and a water resistant frame so that nowhere is off-limits. The $75,000 campaign is offering the Storm for just $599, which is 53% off the retail price. It’s expected to ship in May of this year.

Glaring negatives include its hefty weight (anywhere from 45-55lbs) and lack of regenerative braking, a small addition that would have made a world of difference. All in all, the Storm E-Bike is looking to truly storm the scene. At its price point, it should appeal to everyone from commuters to outdoor enthusiasts who love a motor-assisted ride.