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Vitastiq smartphone pen measures vitamin, mineral levels

Keeping our minds and bodies in check in our modern times of lazy food ordering and Uber rides is a pickle. Wearables have made it so most can have access to their basic physical vitals, but when it comes the levels of other harder to measures traits, people are out of luck unless they head to a doctor and pay the associated fees with the visit.

Among other techniques, doctors currently use expensive EAV, or electroacupuncture according to Voll devices, to check up on the body. The Vitastiq is looking to make the action of checking a person’s vitamin and mineral levels a routine one by using an iOS or Android smartphone as the brains behind an attachable, stainless steel pen.

Connected to a smartphone, the pen can gather information from specific acupuncture parts on the body whose electrical levels can be analyzed to let users know where they are with the vitamin and mineral levels. This gives them clear guidance as to how to act on it, and keeps bodies healthier in the long run. The device can be had for $99 and is expected to ship in March 2015 provided it reaches its $49,000 campaign goal.

Vitastiq can be a promising device, but that depends how much the users confide in the alternative realm of acupuncture and energy medicine. Studies show that EAV devices do exhibit effectiveness in analyzing vitamin and mineral levels, but for some that just might not be enough to sway them.

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Clamp-like EnerQi offers DIY accupressure

Acupuncture has long since been recognized as a great way to treat pain and relieve stress. It’s difficult to find the time to make it to the acupuncturist, however, and it seems a little frivolous to go for every ache and pain. That’s why the folks at EnerQi have come up with a way to get that same relief no matter where you are. This product is a clip that can be used to target those pressure points for relief. The pressure it puts out is adjustable and, best of all, it doesn’t use any needles. In addition, EnerQi uses different rubber covers for a range in size and hardness.

Many people need quick ways to lower their stress levels so they can continue to work or do whatever else that causes them anxiety. EnerQi is a great way to get that relief no matter where you are. While they look a little silly when worn, and look like a torture device in general, this is a great way to calm down. To get the EnerQi, backers will need to donate $25 with an estimated delivery date of March 2015. This product is looking to meet a symmetric goal of $8,888 on Kickstarter.