iPump Twist pumps up tires; keeps cyclists rolling

There’s little that’s more disappointing for cyclists than to arrive at their favorite spot for biking and then finding that their tires are low and really need more air.

iPump Twist is a portable carbon fiber air pump designed to keep cycling enthusiasts rolling. To use, start by pulling out the flexible hose, then grasp the handle, twist, and pump air into the tire using the palm of the hand. It can pump up to 120 psi and is durable and shock resistant. The product also offers a convenient storage case to add to the ease of having it available during riding.

While the iPump Twist seems very similar to other tire pumps, it weighs only 25 grams, making it highly portable and a good tool to have on long trips. Other useful tools that cyclists might appreciate knowing about include My Task, 8rlicht and Funnell. Those who’d like to try their hand at building their own bike might find the Bamboobee campaign interesting. This product seeks to raise $10,000. Early bird backers get one iPump Twist for $80 with an expected delivery of February 2015.


TorrX pumps up your sports balls, won’t burst them

Balls used in sports need constant pumping to keep them firm enough to play with. They’re constantly losing air and, if too soft, can ruin any football, basketball or soccer game. The only problem is that traditional air pumps leave you guessing. Either the ball isn’t as firm as it should be or too much air is pumped in causing the ball to burst.

TorrX is a digital air pump that takes the guesswork out of breathing new life into sports balls. To use, just turn on and select whether the ball should be pumped manually or automatically. For the manual mode, it’ll display the ball’s psi. For the automatic range, input the optimum psi and it’ll fill it to that level. TorrX is long and skinny, perfect for throwing into any sports bag.

This is a great product for any sports enthusiast, athlete or coach who constantly find themselves with weak footballs, basketballs, soccer balls or any other kinds of ball. The battery lasts long too, boasting the ability to fill up 50 soccer balls on a full charge. For their own, backers can donate $45 to receive by June 2015. TorrX is looking to raise a whopping $100,000 on Kickstarter.