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Serenity Now! Bag guardian goes beyond Bluetooth item finders

Some of the countless bags carried every single day hold people’s most prized possessions but offer little in the way of theft protection beyond a lock that’s easily compromised once the bag has been absconded. The one surefire way nothing untoward happens to it all is to keep constant vigil — an umpleasant expectation on a packed morning commute or enjoying a much needed island vacation.

Serenity has been designed to achieve peace of mind. This connected tag attaches to any bag and syncs with a smartphone to offer users a variety of different ways to keep an indirect eye on their goods. For starters, theft detection and deterrence are built-in. By syncing a user’s devices to the tag, it can sense when the bag is being moved by someone other than its owner, letting off a wailing 170dB alarm when it happens. At the same time, it can also regulate access to a single pocket by requiring either a keycode or its corresponding smartphone to be in range in order to avoid the alarm from tripping while being opened, going as far as reminding users about their open pockets when it isn’t busy standing guard.

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PBX promises to protect your luggage

PBX  20140220082703-012[1]Aaargh! Nothing like the deep annoyance of lost or damaged luggage by those airport goons! In what seems to be a too-good-to-be-true scenario, PBX boasts of being an easier-to-use-system for luggage handlers, thereby simplifying things for both handlers and travelers. As long as you register your luggage with the PBX system before boarding, you’ll be able to access a direct connection to carriers via your mobile at the last airport where your luggage was scanned. And if your luggage doesn’t show up at your final destination, you can start the tracking process through your mobile. For $25 and a bit of good fortune that theindustry adopts the scheme, backers get two luggage tags with an estimated delivery of June 2014.