Cycling Safety

Cycle Guardian alerts riders to motorist threats

The Premise. As people choose to ride their bikes more and more, car on bike accidents have been on the rise. Sometimes cars don’t realize how close they get to bikes and vice versa. Accidents like this can be deadly for the cyclist.

The Product. Cycle Guardian is a cyclist protection system. This product attaches to the seat pillar of the bike, just below the seat itself, and emits a sound when the bike is too close to a car. The sound can be just a regular tone or can be programmed to play the cyclists favorite tune. Either way, it acts as a warning for those on the road to keep a safe distance.

The Pitch. The Cycle Guardian video features a short cartoon dramatization of the product doing its job. The rest of the campaign talks about bicycle safety as well as the creator’s passion for cycling. It would be helpful to see an actual photo of the product, instead of just drawings which is all the campaign shows. This British product has a goal on Indiegogo of £30,000. 

The Perks. For the product, backers have a choice of only one tier that offers a first production-run of the Cycle Guardian at a donation of £49. This product will be available before the official product launch and is characterized as a “limited edition” product.

The Potential. Bike accidents happen all the time and are one of the few drawbacks of cycling instead of driving. Helmets can only do so much when an accident occurs, but the Cycle Guardian takes the interesting approach of attempting to prevent accidents. It is unclear from the campaign if the tone emitted will be urgent and loud enough to warn drivers who may not have their windows down. The Bright Bike system uses bright LED lights to alert drivers, which is effective, but mostly only at night, but being able to detect threats seems to be the wave of the future.

Health and Wellness Kids/Babies

iTherm lets kids and parents sleep while monitoring fevers

iThermA fever is never something to be ignored, and for children they can be especially dangerous. With that kind of importance in mind, the iTherm armband was designed to keep an eye on a sick child without disturbing anybody’s sleep patterns. With the iTherm, parents can set their phone to watch for temperature outliers  and send an alert to wake them up if a child reaches that temperature. This way, prompt care can be given and little risk is taken while providing maximum rest. Parents who want to stay in the know during fevers can get an iTherm for $34, arriving in September 2014.


Alarming Clock wakes you up when it’s feeling peckish

The Premise. The alarm clock is the one thing that seems to be universally dreaded. It’s always there to go off in the morning, cutting off the most perfect bit of sleep with a harsh, shrill, and frankly alarming sound. Shouldn’t the alarm clock go off to announce the perfect start to a new day?

The Product. Alarming Clock is an unusual alarm clock with some thoughtful design touches. The bottom panel of the clock is like a traditional digital clock, where alarms can be set and the time can be viewed. When it’s time for sleep, the Alarming Clock goes off nine hours before wakeup time, telling owners to wind down for the day and start counting sheep by the end of the next hour. But even the alarm is different – designed to simulate the sounds of the woodpecker, the alarm is a small, wooden-tipped piston that will knock against any surface set next to it whether it’s wood, metal, musical, or any other surface. To turn off the alarm, just touch the top of the oak surface with a hand.

The Pitch. London’s Alarming Industries is behind the Alarming Clock, and shows off how simple this oak obelisk is to use and sleep by. Everything about the presentation of the Alarming Clock screams modern, from the design itself to the campaign videos and pictures. The end result is something charming and curious that will surely interest those looking for a new kind of morning. Alarming Industries needs to raise £15,000 to complete manufacturing.

The Perks. £180 will get backers an Alarming Clock to get them up in the morning. £235 will include three of the Alarming Tumblers that can be filled with liquid to create a custom alarm tone, and for £350, backers can pick their own type of wood to have a custom clock. All rewards are scheduled to be delivered in July 2014, and require additional shipping for orders outside of the UK.

The Potential. While certainly more artisan exercise than mainstream bedside companion, the Alarming Clock shows a serious rethinking of the standard digital display-blinking alarm clock that integrates getting enough rest the night before. However, there are legitimate worries for heavy sleepers whether or not the gentle pecking tone is enough to rouse those who sleep like the dead. It will certainly be picked up for those that want a more alternative morning routine without the jarring sensation of a klaxon.