Amazing Spider Fan won’t spin webs, will quickly convert ceiling lights to fans

Stuff that requires no tools to install and saves the user money. Now that is a winning combo! And Amazing Spider Fan seems to have come up with just such a blend. The creator claims that if a person knows how to screw a light bulb into its socket, then using these battery operated foam ceiling fans will be just as easy. Ceiling fans are a great way to cut down on energy bills, keeping homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. While this particular product is apparently only able to be used in the summertime, every little bit of savings helps! The fan can be easily removed in order to change locations or store for the winter once the warmer months are over. The product is apparently not yet available for use, but backers can help it along with their contributions, including invites to product demonstration parties for $100, and hopefully, an opportunity for input at those parties to make this idea even better.