Music Technology

Record high quality audio with ease with the RecorderPlugin

Given the vast capabilities of smartphones, it’s surprising that simply recording something can be much more difficult than need be. While there are many apps than can record live audio, the result is often a recording with less than stellar audio quality. Further, transforming a recording into an MP3 isn’t always straightforward.

The RecorderPlugin is a device which streamlines this entire process. The device can be plugged into anything with a headphone jack and can save recorded audio as MP3s on the fly. This means that most devices are fair game, from from smartphones and tablets to radios and TVs. The $75 base model comes with 16GB, but 32GB and 64GB options are both available as well. The $33,333 campaign is looking to ship the product in October 2015.

The RecorderPlugin is certainly useful, and the search for a practical solution for recording challenges is certainly real. Music buffs, business types, and even those in love with their own voice will be interested in the RecorderPlugin. That said, if users need something with much more polish, the Bluewire Bluetooth is probably a safer bet.