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The future is back: ArcaBoard is a genuine, extra chunky hoverboard

Hoverboards have been on the tip of the nation’s tongue for a long time now, particularly as the misnomer for balance boards that have led to their eventual yanking off of Amazon. It’s no doubt been a precipitous fall from grace but, at least, the term ‘hoverboard’ can be reclaimed and bestowed on something that actually hovers — something like the ArcaBoard.

Let’s be clear: the ArcaBoard is a true blue hoverboard, not the type that needs an entire park to be built in order to make it work. By using 36 high-powered electric duct fans, the rectangular board can support up to 243lbs and pump out a whopping 272 hp for a top speed of 12.5mph. A built-in stabilization unit helps riders float safely, with an option to control it either using an iOS or Android smartphone or only the body — which the team at the ARCA Space Corporation recommends for a more authentic experience.