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BackTPack splits the backpack to create personal saddle bags

Backpacks can be a great way for commuters to tote things, but when they aren’t worn correctly, they can cause back pain. BackTPack is a redesigned backpack that balances the weight of items so that it’s evenly distributed on both sides of the body. This helps to protect the back from the issues associated with poor posture and traditional backpacks.

While it’s not the most fashionable looking item to wear, it seems like it may offer more convenience because of the side access, and perhaps better protection from items getting stolen than what a traditional backpack would offer. Since the weight is redistributed, the load also feels lighter than with a traditional backpack. Other backpack campaigns that backers may want to check out are Riutbag and Zondo. This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by December 11, 2014. For $75, early bird backers get one product with an expected delivery of April 2014.