Badger Brown Tone Bar offers steel lap players multi-genre freedom

Getting just the right sound on a guitar when playing country music means having the right tone bar. And many country music lovers who play a lap steel string guitar have multiple tone bars so that they can get just the right sound for every song. But carrying around multiple tone bars is pretty inconvenient, and it’s a hassle when it’s time to jam or do a live concert.

The Badger Brown Tone Bar lets country musicians get the sound they need all in one tone bar. The gadget has a rounded tip on one end for those Hawaiian, and jazz numbers, as well as a fluted tip dobro on the other end for bluegrass, blues and edgier rock styles. The comfort fit is one-size-fits all, but those who have shorter fingers may want to ask a few questions to make certain it will be a good fit. Musician backers may also want to check out Kiln, bnd stand, and SoulPedal. This campaign seeks to raise $10,000. Backers get Badger Brown Tone Bar for $35 with an expected delivery of April 2015.