Medieval Siege Attack game invites ye to attack yon castle

The best games are the ones that involve strategy and not just luck of the draw. In recent years, Settlers of Catan has become popular, allowing players to build up villages by trading commodities such as ore and wood. Medieval Siege Attack from the UK is a similar game that brings you back, all the way to Medieval times. Little men cut out of wood guard your castle and attack the castle of your opponent using small catapults. The game requires a good strategy, so it’s not just about destroying the enemy. This game also comes with a number of paints, allowing you to “dress” your men and design your castles as you choose. For a set of two, backers must donate £60 (~$96) which includes 24 warriors and four siege engines. Estimated delivery is currently set at April 2015. Medieval Siege Attack is hoping to raise £15,000 (~$24,000).

While Medieval Siege Attack is a little on the pricey side, it still has a lot working for it. People love destroying things, first of all, and love customizing their gaming experience. The wooden materials and paint make Medieval Siege Attack more than just any other board game.