BeeRaider keyboard alternative stirs up buzz with efficiency improvements

In banging away on a daily keyboard, it’s easy to forget that the QWERTY keyboard isn’t the most ergonomic or efficient keyboard layout.

patent-claimedThis is the core message the folks behind the BeeRaider keyboard are championing. The QWERTY keyboard, believe it or not, was designed to slow typing down as a means to prevent typewriter jams. Consequently, BeeRaider claims that the QWERTY keyboard layout simply isn’t cut out for the modern demands of heavy data entry. BeeRaider’s alternative wireless keyboard is radially shaped, a design chosen because it lessens the distance between keys. As a result, the company claims that the shape of its keyboard and the more logical arrangement of the most used letters in the English language results results in a keyboard that can be comfortably used with either one or two hands.

What’s more, BeeRaider claims that its keyboard layout can be memorized in just 10-20 minutes. This type of keyboard design philosophy was first demonstrated on Android smartphones and tablets. BeeRaider’s first physical product will be English only and is set to be delivered in either Q1 or Q2 of 2015. A BeeRaider can be had in either a changeable QWERTY or Optimized model for $104.99 or $112.49.

Even though the QWERTY design is without mainstream rival today, that hasn’t stopped a smattering of companies from coming up with intriguing challenges. If its clai ms regarding increased memorization, speed, and accuracy are to be believed, its learning curve may be worth it, but inertia will likely keep the traditional layout as the dominant one for the foreseeable future.