Isolate yourself in the ambience of reduced sound

Despite the best of intentions from earplug manufacturers, they’re doing it all wrong. Instead of products that block sound in a way that’s still enjoyable, they usually muffle sounds.¬†While this might help with a significant other’s snoring (and then, not even by much), absorption like thi will result in distorted sound in the high and mid frequencies, and little to no reduction in bass frequencies. This imbalance is stressful and tiring.

patent-claimedAfter its first successful Kickstarter last year, Flare Audio set their eyes on what they say as an outdated piece of design. By replacing the traditional materials used for most earplugs (plastics, silicones, and foams) with a piece of aluminum or titanium, the company created the Isolate. The micro earplugs are tipped with a proprietary foam material that adjusts to a person’s ear canal for a snug fit, its metal core reaching deep within the canal. This allows the Isolate to block noise from entering the ears and attenuate all frequencies, essentially turning off the ears to direct noise.