Thermoneystat lets homeowners budget their energy usage, regulates temperature and cost

Utility bills are an inevitable part of life. It’s hard to keep track of how much money is spent on them and no one truly knows the cost of what they’re using until they receive the bill. Of course, by then it’s too late to do anything about it.

patent-claimed Thermoneystat is a thermostat that works in reverse. It lets the user set how much money they’d like to spend on heating and cooling for that month. In turn, the thermostat does its best to provide the most comfortable temperature at the best price. To do this, the system uses current energy prices, weather forecasts, and weather history to plan for the month. It also lets the user input their own scheduling preferences for maximum comfort.

All told, Thermoneystat provides an innovative way for homeowners to cut down on their energy costs, despite its cringeworthy name. To receive one unit, backers must donate $250, but it’s important to keep in mind that furnishing an entire house might require a few more. Estimated delivery is currently set for September 2015, provide the product can meet its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter by March 31, 2015.


QCLIP fits the bill for keeping your baseball hat brim flat

Walk down the streets of pretty much any big city and you’ll notice the scores of fitted hats that people are wearing these days. Adorned with everything from team logos to colorful characters, wearing fitted hats today is a strong fashion statement. But trends, like everything else, don’t stay stagnant. This one in particular has evolved to favor flat, straight brims over the curved brims we’d see in a baseball game, requiring constant care and vigilance to maintain that shape. The QCLIP is a straight, wooden mold that fits over the brim of most hats to maintain that flat shape. The device does is straightforward, light, and can protect a hat even in transportation as well, adding to its versatility. There are many people, like those who sprang for a Live Lid, who would find this simple product to be an extremely useful tool, but they may be turned off by its $50 non-early bird price, especially being that most could MacGuyver themselves a similar solution. The QCLIP campaign is looking for $60,000 to have the device into backer’s hand by January 2015.