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VIP sleeves monitor calves, keep the blood pumping to avoid clots

Between sitting for most of the day and sleeping for upwards of nine hours a night, the heart can have a rough time making sure the circulatory system is in tip top shape. What most people don’t know are that the calves play a crucial role in pumping the blood back up to the heart, which is why more and more articles and news reports reaffirm the danger in leading an inactive lifestyle.

The VIP pneumatic sleeve is engineered to allow wearers to be proactive even when they are forced to be sedentary. Designed to be worn on the calves, the device contracts and expands with air to assist with circulation, softening the impact of long periods of inactivity and ultimately decreasing the likelihood of blood clots. The VIP also uses Bluetooth LE in order to connect with a companion iOS or Android app, allowing users to set goals, set alerts, customize the rate of air flow, and track usage over time.

A backing of $199 will net backers their own sleeve and charger in November of 2015. VSS, the company behind VIP, is looking for $200,000 in funding by May 1. It should appeal to those concerned about conditions such as Deep Vein Thrombosis for situations such as long flights.