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Redesigned Neck Brace promises less bulk, more comfort

Neck pain and working on a computer seem to go together, especially for those who work in a white collar business setting. In an effort to bring some relief to this particularly large group, New Generation Neck Brace was created. The typical neck brace is uncomfortable to wear and often makes a person hot and sweaty. While it’s not entirely clear what it is made of, this neck brace was designed to be less bulky and help people improve their posture so that they get relief. It can be worn either over or under clothes and offers some flexibility so that the user doesn’t feel strangled while wearing it. There is also a pouch that can hold hot or cold pads for added comfort. All in all, an intelligent upgrade to a very useful product. This campaign seeks to raise £15,000 (~$24,000 USD) by November 27, 2014. Early bird backers will get one product for £35 (~$56 USD), with an expected delivery of December 2014.