BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap offers protection without provocation

Working in law enforcement or professions that require the transport of money or jewels can mean that one’s life is consistently on the line. While professions such as these often offer a bulletproof vest, protective head gear for daily, non-emergency activities often isn’t offered.

BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap offers people in dangerous vocations the benefit of protective headgear without the drawbacks of a ballistic helmet. The cap is made of the same material as the repurposed military helmets, but it is more lightweight and easier to wear. The six-panel twill product offers a flexible fit in small, medium and large. Though a ballistic helmet seems to offer better protection for the side and back of the head, the baseball cap looks less intimidating or hostile to the average person.

As a safety option for daily wear, this may be an ideal product, but a baseball cap hardly looks professional in a law enforcement setting. While protective headgear may be in demand, something styled like a deputy’s hat may have a more professional appearance. This campaign seeks to raise $3,500. Backers get one BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap for $99, with an expected delivery of December 2015.

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BulletSafe Backpack Panel offers protection from gunfire

BulletSafe Backpack Panel  20140304102701-Backpack-Panel-and-Insert[1]It seems a wild notion to write about a bullet-safe panel that kids can put in their backpack for protection, but interest in such a product is a sad consequence of what was once unthinkable. That being said, the BulletSafe Backpack Pannel is made of the same bulletproof material that police and others in security use for bullet proof vests. Kids just pack it in their backpack right along with their books. As long as schools don’t make them store their backpacks in their lockers, it might just save some lives. For $89 — a bit less than similar options  — a backer gets one product with an expected delivery of April 2014.