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Btunes plays music; wirelessly plugs into headphones eliminating tangles for good

There are tons of products devoted to the untangling and organization of earbud and headphone wires. BTunes would rather focus on making headphones wireless, so tangling is no longer an issue.

BTunes is an attachment for your headphones. Fitting into headphones where the wire can be removed, it connects to your smartphone so that you can listen to hifi music, make calls and talk to Siri. In addition, it’ll fit into any auxiliary jack in a car to listen to music wirelessly. With NFC, connecting to NFC-enabled devices is simple. The product is black and looks a bit like a Bluetooth.

BTunes is an excellent way to stay wirelessly connected to your smartphone. It’s unclear if there’s any type of button to answer calls with, however. Still, for music, Skype, Siri and countless other options, Btunes is the way to go. One with a pair of headphones in your choice of color will cost backers $49 for estimated delivery in May 2015. BTunes is looking to raise $40,000 on Kickstarter.

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CuBund bridges your smartphone to home receivers

Taking music from portable players and phones to cars and home audio systems usually requires specific hardware or lots of messy, tangled cables.

Cubund is a simple USB device that plugs into a car or home audio system’s USB port and receives high-quality Bluetooth audio streams from phones, laptops, or tablets. It allows for complete control using the remotes or onboard controls of the larger device. This allows for quick installation and even faster access to music when moving from public to private areas or from the home to car and vice versa.

Cubund can also handle incoming or outgoing calls from a phone and push them through to the car’s audio or home stereo, allowing for safer, hands-free communication even in the middle of blasting the volume on a favorite song. An additional USB port is added to Cubund to allow the charging of other devices. Cubund needs $20,000 for materials, assembly, and licenses, and can be purchased for delivery in February for $89.

The right kind of equipment or settings handles pretty much everything Cubund does already, but in lieu of buying new phones, new audio equipment, or even a new car, this is a simple, cheap way to bring older equipment into the present.


Ringly is the discreet notification accessory many women have waited for

editors-choiceThe Premise. As a culture, we’ve all seen the negatives of hunching over our smartphones all the time. We’ve realized that it’s nice to live in the moment, but work, kids, friends and other obligations keep us checking our phones constantly.

The Product. Ringly is a smart, stylish ring that connects to your smartphone. With five different vibration patterns and discrete colored lights on either side, it lets you know if you’re receiving a call, text, e-mail, tweet, any Facebook notification or event that you have in your calendar. The vibrations, colors and contacts who are important enough to reach the ring are all completely customizable from Ringly’s Android/iOS friendly app. It also comes in four different colors with fancy names, but to the layman they’re known as purple, light blue, green and black. In terms of materials, the ring is fashioned from 18K matte gold three micron plating and semi-precious stones.

The Pitch. Foregoing a typical Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, Ringly is running its pre-order special directly from its own website. The site goes through the product’s different capabilities and shows the various color options available. In addition, it shows on which sites this vibrating ring has already been featured including Elle and Brit + Co.

The Perks. The site offers Ringly for 25% off of retail price at $145 for the black, purple and light blue versions and $180 for the green option. Shipping begins in Fall 2014 and currently Ringly only offers sizes 6, 7, and 8.

The Potential. Ringly is a great solution for business women, moms and students alike. Its ease of use and customizability make it one of the more competitive pieces of smart-apparel that we’ve seen lately. MEMI is a stylish, smart bracelet that functions much like Ringly, but is much bulkier in size making it slightly less convenient. Ringly, while maybe not everyone’s taste, is certainly stylish enough for younger busy bees. If its alert lights aren’t too garish and distracting, Ringly will be one of the coolest ways to keep in touch with one’s responsibilities while still enjoying life in the moment.

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Lunecase has your iPhone’s back, displays notifications on it

lunecaseThe smartphone accessory market is constantly at odds with itself trying to create devices that protect phones and offer new features while also trying not to sacrifice the design of the phone itself or become too bulky. The Lunecase from Concepter is a thin, no-power iPhone case that secures the phone and uses electromagnetic waves to display notification icons on the back of the phone. Once attached, the Lunecase can immediately notify users of incoming calls or text messages with bright, rich icons that appear on the back of the case. Lunecase is launching at a price of $39 and will be ready in August of 2014.