Agua will help your camera make it through the rain

There are many weatherproof camera cases on the market. But it can be hard to quickly get a camera out of most of them, which means photographers could easily miss an important shot.

Agua is a weatherproof case that will protect cameras from a storm, but it’s been designed so that users can quickly pull it out and take a photo. There is no need for a separate camera strap because the camera gets attached to the bag via a quick-release buckle that allows the user to just pull it out of the bag to take a shot, but also protects the camera from falling. The bag is also padded on the inside, so users don’t need to keep the cap on the camera, allowing it to be ready for use at any time. There is also a special pocket for a lens cap to make sure that it doesn’t get lost.

Luggage and Bags

Kashmir daypack for women totes stuff, doesn’t include lipstick slot

Finding the perfect daypack that will not only accommodate computers and expensive cameras, but also necessities for the outdoors can be a bear.

Kashmir claims to be one such all-in-one daypack. This bag features lots of pockets, straps and slots for everything from camera equipment and laptops to water bladders and extra layers. The bag is made from high quality weather-resistant materials and, as such, is completely waterproof. With an atypical torso length and shoulder and hip straps, Kashmir is designed specifically for women. The bag is black with light blue accents.

Kashmir does seem like a great all around bag, useful for many different types of outings. The claim that it’s made just for women, however, is a little far-fetched. The campaign doesn’t provide much of an explanation as to why Kashmir fits women’s bodies better than men’s. Many backers will rejoice that at least they didn’t make the bag pink. Kashmir doesn’t need to appeal only to women in order to sell this bag. In the long run, it may actually hurt their sales as most men have a problem buying “female” products even if they may also find them useful.

One daypack will cost backers $159 for delivery in May 2015. Kashmir is hoping to raise $5,000 on Kickstarter.