Camping Music

Powered by candlelight, Pelty is the retro-futuristic Bluetooth speaker

peltyIt’s a question as old as time itself: how does somebody stranded on a desert island with only a book of matches and some dry timber enjoy their music with Bluetooth speakers? Pelty is the answer, and also the world’s first fire-powered Bluetooth speaker. By lighting a candle and enclosing it in the Pelty casing, the thermal energy from the candle is transferred into electric energy that powers the speaker, providing great entertainment during camping, outdoor activities, romantic moments, or as a neat party trick. Pelty will be shipping out to consumers in November 2014, and is available to those that pledge $199 or more, with bonus scented candles included.

Accents Cell Phone Accessories

BLOCK jams cellphone signals, delivers candlelight, conversation

BLOCKIt’s happened to all of a us. Enjoying a nice time with friends is usually stunted by the inevitable round of phone checking that happens every ten minutes. If you’re looking to have fun in the moment with your friends without cellular interference, try BLOCK. This bulky candle holder burns down a typical tea light, while also jamming the signal to cellular devices to prevent distraction. It has adjustable jamming ranges and can simply be stepped away from when phone time is necessary. One of these high-tech Dutch candles costs backers €19 for delivery in September 2014. BLOCK hopes to raise €30,000 in a month-long Kickstarter campaign.