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The VIX Jive lets you train your cane to hang

Nope, it doesn’t require a smartphone or an app. Not even a tablet or Bluetooth or any other electronic gadgetry. But it will make canes behave and prevent them from tumbling to the ground when not in use. The VIX Jive is a cane accessory that can be attached to any cane or walking stick via the included Velcro strips. That means no special tools are required for assembly. The product’s unique clamping system can be connected to any tabletop, positioned, and then pressing down for the clamp to activate. If there isn’t a table surface handy, there is also a hook so that the user’s cane could be hung on a chair or some other convenient place.

Losing one’s cane or having it clatter to the floor can mean an awkward moment for users. Vix Jive prevents such occurrences and its versatility means that it can go anywhere the cane can. Other items mobility assistance items that backers may want to check out include the Movi Wheelchair,  Beech Walker Sand Crab, and Backtrack. This campaign seeks to raise €6,265 (~$7,800). For €12 (~$15) backers get one product with an expected delivery of December 2014.