ClickClix protects socks from those strange washing machine disappearances

The question of what happens to socks while they are in the washing machine so that pairs often come out single is one of the stranger phenomenon that came with that invention. It’s enough to leave a person wondering if there is some sort of mini Bermuda vortex, or maybe even microbial creatures that hide in the washer water supply and eat the socks.

The creator of ClickClix noticed this mysterious disappearance, too. The product consists of a total of four pieces: two rings and two buttons. To attach them to socks or other clothing items, the user lines up the ring and button on each side of the fabric and presses until they click together. No sewing or gluing is required. There is also an applicator that can be purchased separately if backers prefer.

ClickClix comes in regular and large so that it works with various thin and thick fabrics. Backers interested in keeping their socks together may also want to check out the Sock Slide. This campaign seeks to raise $5,000. For $5, backers get three sets of ClickClix with an expected delivery of February 2015.