CaddyLok tubes secures clubs in the bag from knocking around

Diehard golfers know that their only option is buying clubs, renting them just doesn’t make sense. It’s a costly investment, but worth it in the end if golfing is a common weekend activity.

In order to protect those expensive golf clubs, try CaddyLok. This system works with any golf bag to keep clubs secure. This product consists of magnetic tubes that keeps clubs in place and locks them using magnets. As an added perk, it also keeps clubs from rattling around cutting down on noise. Using fabric hooks, the tubes affix to the bag itself.

It’s most likely that the golfer’s caddie more than the golfer will rejoice at seeing this product. For them, it means a bag that’s easier to carry and clubs that are more organized to choose from. The price isn’t bad either. A $100 donation will get any golfer a full set by February 2015. Considering what everything else golf costs, that’s a bargain. CaddyLok is looking to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter.