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Voye clutch is the handbag for women who like peeking at their iPhone

As we use our phones for more and more things, we need it to be readily accessible for all functions. Since cellphone belt holders are so 2002, there needs to be a better way to grab your phone quickly. For ladies, the Canadian-made Voye is the way to go. This small clutch purse also serves as an iPhone holder, letting you access your phone easily. Flip up the front flap, and your phone is right there to let you check your calendar, read messages and text whoever you want. The purse also folds out in a special way so that you can easily take a photo or video while the phone is still inserted in the bag. This fashionable black leather purse with gold accents can either be worn over the shoulder with a strap, held as a clutch or used as a wallet. Currently the product is only compatible with iPhone 5/5s which will limit its customer base. Still, the design is clever and the purse fashionable, but still basic making it aesthetically appealing to many. One will cost $139 CAD (~$123 US) for delivery in February 2015. Vote hopes to raise $150,000 CAD (~$132,200 USD) on Kickstarter.