Clutter Cover hides stacked messes, beats actually useful organization any day

Here’s a winning idea: something that hides home clutter and diminishes the need for dusting. Clutter Cover is the perfect item for packrat types who  find that the item that they just threw out a couple days ago, but had kept for years prior, should have been saved after all. The silver cover fits over free-standing shelves and is made-to-order, with a limit of 72” for height, depth and width. The clutter-hiding, dust-diminishing system comes with two heavy duty front zippers for easy access with Velcro flap holders. Clutter Cover can be used either inside or outside and is completely machine washable.

Presently, this product comes only in sliver, but other colors along with the option to add a special logo are available for an extra donation. While this is a great product for the pack rat in everyone, it’s a bit lacking in appearance. If clutter is going to be covered up, why not do it in style? This campaign has a goal of $1,974. For $55, backers get one product with an expected delivery of February 2015.